Real estate  agent: get out of the comfort zone!

Real estate  agent: get out of the comfort zone!

Real estate agent: seriously, what plans, goals, and dreams you are killing because younger living in the comfort zone? How many business  opportunities you do not create everyday simply because you are not working harder? And definitely how many real estate products are you wasting weekly, monthly or yearly because you are not going beyond your you humble limits, why not dig deeper,  with my more desire?

Comfort zone is one of the biggest enemies of the wellsucceed professional – and mainly talking about salespeople and real estate agents, which work many times is lonely and early distractful. Therefore trying to avoid any fear, anxiety or risk, the professionals starts living in a pattern of thoughts, actions and behaviours that gives you a comfortable – and fake – safety sensation.

But the negative results acquired with the comfort zone certainly you already know. What really makes the difference it is know learn intensify the departure from there as soon as possible and how efficiently get this done.

Why do we get in the comfort zone?

The comfort zone is a bad thing that ruins the career of any professional. But it is not as any bad thing, it is a fancy bad thing, as that silent enemy, and even invisible that comes slowly and sets up step-by-step, seducing you with all this comfort, that makes you believe that in the end effort does not compensate.

Afterall, why “kill yourself working” if “the life is so short”? And therefore the comfort zone weaks your warrior spirit, turning you apathetic, lazy, installing in your losers habits – exactly such as computer virus that drains all your vital force.

In a very psychological simple way the comfort zone is a natural process of the human being: seeing save energy with repetitive tasks our brain tends to create behaviour patterns, what with times makes you start thinking and acting automatically, lazily.

Afterall, normally we like to live a simple life, peaceful, and under control, right? We like to be sure of the things we do not bother, not wasting time or even need think too much to take decisions.

However, it is exactly in this “comma”, this tiny line between lame tasks and tasks that matters most that the comfort zone installs. Therefore, it is needed to be aware to not take it easy, afterall who works in Real Estate cannot have such luxury, therefore it is needed to kill a lion everyday to reach the goals in the end of the month!

Why do you need leave your comfort zone?

Beyond the known problems generated by the comfort zone, such as safety illusion, the autosabotage addiction and the growth blockage, the big problems even are that the comfort zone can cost you your job in the end: keep in the same place or even put pull you back, turning you into a obsolete, bitter and poor-succeed professional.

To avoid that, it is necessary to leave the “comfort zone hot shower” and get in “the hard truth cold shower”.

Do you know the expression “No pain, no gain”? that is the path of the success. It is necessary to pull the leaves and work hard, suppress the limits, learn new tricks and knowledges, keep updated. Specialists in the subject guarantee that the majority of the problems of the professionals who keep themselves in the comfort zone it is not the lack of will, but the lack of will to work hard!

Who is in the comfort zone tends to invest in all sort of excuse keep it comfortable, and only there is a way out when the damages caused due the stagnation become bigger than the effort needed to change.
In short, three good reasons to you leave the comfort zone now:

1st, adversity:

Life is adversity, and as says the philosopher: “man created the art to the true do not eat himself”. As much consciously or unconsciously you keep being in comfort zone, sooner or later the adversity will knock your door and will change your World, in bigger or smaller degree. Therefore it is good to be ready for it, that can be simply an advantage or the whole difference between victory and failure.

2nd, evolution:

It is from the human nature keep evolving, acquire the past knowledge passing from generation to generation, change old paradigms for new ways of face the World. Even, suppress the older generations it is no advantage, but yes an obligation to be competitive at least in today’s market. Simply there is no more space to move backwards, because the growth is here and now;

3rd, adventure:

You will notice that, once putting yourself in movement, the proper path feeds the flux, and after it is just keep going. The comfort zone departure to a simpler and more active life generating a well being state of mind, emotions and spiritual. The sensation of be “walking in the line”, again, is doing it is right, even fighting by him/herself  and/or because bigger reasons is, overall, much motivating! Try and remember the adventure.

How effectively leave the comfort zone?

Let’s review: we already ensured how the comfort zone is hurtful, the damages that it causes to your career, through this gap your life and the reasons which you must leave it. But how, effectively, leave the comfort zone? Follows three essential tips to you grant this:

1st, set your mind up:

Everything starts in your mind. You must change your mindset, your World view.

Start analyzing how the champions do. List 10 successful professionals you admire and discovery in what they believe, how they see the life, what do they do to escape the comfort zone. If necessary give yourself a reality chock. Remember that the life do not work as the losing weight miraculous diets. It is necessary to work hard every day;

2nd, just do it:

The action moves the World, words just make it prettier. Nothing is more powerful that that action to reach results. List tasks you must do, including the most boring, and do them. Start in the autopilot, even if necessary. Face the tasks one by one. Follow the advice of great gurus: “Start doing the necessary, then the possible and soon you will be doing the impossible”.

3rd, learn the lesson:

Once you create the new dynamics, so you keep leaving the comfort zone. Be careful to do not come back, neither create a new one. The secret is persistence. But remember: Once out of the comfort zone, therefore you will in the learning zone, and as result, in the risk zone. Here the important is to keep the focus. Keep yourself always within the learning and the risk zones, cyclically. And if needed do a pause to relax, so the comfort dosis be worth and conscious.

We challenge you to leave your comfort zone!

Real Estate agent: we – the Rankim team – challenge you to leave the comfort zone from now on! We propose a challenge for the next year.

What changes do you need start now to reach your plans, goals and dreams until the end of the next year? What skills will you need develop and/or knowledge acquire? Wake up earlier to do some exercises, arrive one hour earlier to work to prospect, study 30 minutes each break, cheer yourself to to learn new things in the weekends? Whatever it is, we challenge you to do and see the results.

So, Real Estate agent. Will you accept our challenge? Leave your comment and share.

To beyond!

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